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NetSuite software is an online service that enables companies to manage all key business processes in a single system. NetSuite is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that simply requires a browser to run, no hardware investments, on site consultants or a large initial purchase, just a subscription.

Companies use NetSuite for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and to manage inventory, track their financials, host e-commerce stores and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This flexible platform can be applied to a range of business applications.

NetSuite consultants, NetSuite solution providers, NetSuite Implementation Consultants and NetSuite resellers implement, customize, integrate, build and support NetSuite’s business management platform for companies in many industries and sizes.  NetSuite consultants are experts across some or all of NetSuite’s platform including ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Financial Planning & Budgeting and Human Resources.  Peruse this NetSuite partners list  below or Search For A Partner in the top menu.  Search for:

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What Is included With A NetSuite Subscription?

  • ERP – NetSuite ERP runs all of your key financial business processes in the cloud: accounting, inventory, supply chain and order management.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) – NetSuite is the only on-demand CRM system that gives you a true 360-degree view of your customers.
  • Professional services automation (PSA) – NetSuite PSA helps you accurately plan, track and execute projects.
  • One database, one system – Real-time, unified global business management platform to manage operations involving multiple countries, currencies, languages and subsidiaries.
  • E-commerce –Unify every step of your web store from point of sale and order management to marketing, merchandising, inventory, financials and support.
  • Retail – NetSuite offers a powerful, cloud-based retail software solution designed to satisfy your omnichannel shoppers.
  • Manufacturing – NetSuite’s solution for manufacturing allows you to focus on delivering products and services while gaining agility for scalable growth.

Why work with a NetSuite Implementation Consultant?

1. An agent on your behalf. NetSuite consultants, NetSuite resellers and NetSuite implementation consultants act as agents to help negotiate your software agreement with Oracle.  The right NetSuite solution provider can add leverage to keep your subscription within your budget.

2. Yes to industry expertise. NetSuite implementation consultants and NetSuite solution providers are often experts within an industry or a few industries. It’s important to find a consulting firm that has worked with similar businesses to yours. Sure, a skilled NetSuite consultant can surely solve any business challenge but you want to find the most expedient solution (ie- least expensive).

3. Look for a comprehensive NetSuite solution consultant.  Many customers have core platforms that make their business run in addition to NetSuite.  And it’s more common than not to require a few solutions that sit on the edge of NetSuite or integrate with NetSuite. Think of things like expense management or route planning.  A great solution provider can play quarter-back for management of your entire NetSuite ecosystem, not just the NetSuite application.    

4. Post Go-Live Support. Going live is considered the kickoff of the game. A good NetSuite implementation consultant and NetSuite solution provider will have a plan to support your business as it grows and evolves.  Immediately after go-live expect your team to envision new workflows and reports to make the business run better.  Your NetSuite consultant will help.

5. A long-term optimization partner. Considering NetSuite subscriptions are typically 5 years a long-term partner is key to long-term success.  Netsuite resellers can act as agents working on your behalf to re-negotiate a fantastic renewal agreement.

find leading NetSuite consultants

Be Specific. What Type Of NetSuite Implementation Consultant Are You Looking For?

NetSuite’s business management platform contains a vast array of features and capabilities ranging from business to the technical and everything in between.  It is a truly massive business management platform.  Consider that any one component of NetSuite’s platform has its own set of competitors like NetSuite ERP, Ecommerce, CRM, Professional Services, Human Resources Management and even more. 

So when searching for a NetSuite consultant be specific about what you’re requirements are and you’ll have a much easier time finding the right consultant.  NetSuite’s platform includes the following specializations:

  • NetSuite ERP Consultants
  • NetSuite CRM Consultants 
  • NetSuite Marketing Automation Consultants
  • NetSuite Human Capital Management 
  • NetSuite Professional Services Automation Consultants
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce Ecommerce Consultants
  • NetSuite SuiteTalk Integration Consultants
  • NetSuite SuiteCloud Developers
  • NetSuite SuiteCloud Infrastructure
  • NetSuite Implementation Project Managers

While you may find cross-disciplined NetSuite consultants, you will rarely find a consultant that can be effective across the entire platform. Consider that each part of the platform could run as its own software business!  Search smart.

The Best NetSuite Implementation Consultant May Not Be Local

Welcome to 2020! Historically business software consulting was an on-site endeavor at least partially driven by the limitations of on-premise software like servers. After all it was impossible to implement or manage a consulting project without touching the servers which were typically sitting on the premise of the business.  

That’s no longer true with cloud platforms (Software-as-a-Service aka SaaS) that require only a browser to run and a monthly subscription.  

You will find far more NetSuite consultant options if you consider the value of the best consultant versus limiting first by geography.  Great NetSuite consultants are everywhere, including remote locations, and with remote technology they can perform more effectively than onsite consultants that are traveling as much as working! 

NetSuite Consulting Companies Are Sometimes Hard To Find.

NetSuite Solution Providers represent almost 50% of NetSuite’s new business revenue for good reason- they provide a stellar experience for the life of your NetSuite  subscription team, not just through go-live. Finding NetSuite Implementation consultants isn’t always easy, which may be due the competitive relationship that exists between NetSuite’s direct sales/services team and NetSuite’s solution providers. So Oracle doesn’t publish a centralized listing of its NetSuite consultants. 

You’ve probably found prospective NetSuite customer’s searching the internet far and wide for NetSuite consulting services on the internet like this.   

This also causes a challenge for customers looking for NetSuite consultants to provide services after their implementation is complete.  NetSuite experts are in extreme demand which makes it equally challenging to find the most talented consultants and consulting teams.

FindSoftwareServices has an expanding network of NetSuite consultants and NetSuite resellers for your research.


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