Now on Demand: Forrester and La-Z-Boy on the Total Economic Impact of Domo

Now on Demand: Forrester and La-Z-Boy on the Total Economic Impact of Domo

Competing in today’s business climate is
difficult. A staggering amount
of data
is being created all around us every single minute of the day, and
if you don’t know how to use it to your advantage, you can easily get left

To stay in the game, many companies find
themselves making significant investments in technology. And those that choose
Domo often tell us they aren’t just winning, they are killing it.

That’s awesome to hear. But to what extent is
that actually true?

We had to find out. So last year, we contacted Forrester Consulting and asked the firm to do some research.

“You basically said, ‘We’ve got all these
amazing customer stories but some are so good we’re a little skeptical,’”
recalled Dean Davison, Forrester’s Principal Consultant.

With that, Dean and his team launched a study
to determine the total economic impact of Domo. After interviewing
representatives of four completely different companies that have been using
Domo for at least three years, and then crunching the numbers, Forrester
released its report in February.

The key finding—that the average ROI was
434%—has already been documented. But we wanted to talk about it.
And so did Dean. And so did one of our customers.

So, last month, we hosted a webinar on the subject. With our Director of Value Engineering, Jeff Burtenshaw, serving as the moderator, and La-Z-Boy’s Business Intelligence and Data Manager, Erika Janowicz, serving as a featured guest along with Dean, listeners learned:

  • How Forrester quantifies the value of a data solution
  • How Domo stood up to Forrester’s thorough research
  • What La-Z-Boy did to harness all of its data and make it useful to the business
  • And more

“In short, Domo accelerated our growth,” said Erica, who also made sure to point out she wasn’t paid by Domo to do the webinar. “We went from talking about data as a general term to making decisions based on our data. We all have a passion for data now, and we use it to surpass our goals.”

“The Business Value of Data, Calculated” is now available on demand. Click here to listen to the entire discussion and learn more about how Domo can unlock new opportunities for your business

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