Top 10 Highlights: NetSuite 2019.2 Release

Top 10 Highlights: NetSuite 2019.2 Release

It’s that time of year again! NetSuite 2019.2 is here. And with this release, NetSuite has introduced hundreds of new features, upgrades to existing functionality, bug fixes and more. NetSuite rolls out these product upgrades twice per year to provide requested features, upgrades to existing features, or bug fixes for all NetSuite accounts. These new features offer ways to get around existing roadblocks or manual effort, remove the need for customizations, or even just provide brand new functionality for businesses who are looking to improve their operations. Get ready to make a smooth transition, by taking a few simple steps to prepare your account so your company is ready to experience the latest ‘magic’ from your NetSuite solution.

Here is our list of the top 10 most interesting or significant updates in the 2019.2 NetSuite release, including helpful resources to ensure your company is ready to experience the latest ‘magic’ from your NetSuite solution.

  1. Banking Data Upgrades

    This update will be a huge help for companies that are importing banking data into their account. NetSuite has added not only support for more financial institutions and a better way to store those import preferences, but also a new ability to automate the banking upload process! Bridgepoint’s NetSuite Consulting team can help you use this new feature to create an FTP connection to your banks to make the imports automatic.

  2. New Sent Email Feature

    Never wonder about email delivery again! In the past, NetSuite only offered a limited log of emails that failed to send from the system, leaving users confused and concerned about missing emails that might be lost. In 2019.2, NetSuite is providing a new page which will display a list of all emails sent (or failed to send) to a recipient. This handy new feature will ensure that your NetSuite emails are getting to their intended destination.

  3. New User Access Reset Tool

    The days of long NetSuite password reset processes will soon be behind us! This new tool provides a one-stop-shop for Administrators to manage users’ access to NetSuite. With this they can: initiate a password reset, clear security questions, unlock access after 6 failed attempts and reset 2-factor authentication settings. This helpful tool should save a lot of time for Admins who have to edit employee records to do any of this today.

  4. Personal Information Removal – GDPR/CCPA

    If you have UK based customers, EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to you. Depending on your company’s size CCPA, The California Consumer Privacy Act – a brand new privacy law, may apply to you as well. This new feature will assist companies in complying with both regulations by providing a tool for Administrators to remove any user data from the entire system. It will remove PI (personal information) data from record field values, system notes and workflow history, while still maintaining an audit trail. Personal information can include names, phone numbers, addresses, health or economic data, or any personal data that could potentially identify the individual directly or indirectly.

  5. SuiteApprovals for Expense Reports and Sales Orders

    No longer will customizations be needed for complex approvals on Expense Reports and Sales Orders, two of the most common transactions for approvals. NetSuite’s SuiteApprovals bundle can now support approval routing with hierarchies or custom matrices, automatic approvals, approval delegation and more for these two records.

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  6. Supply Allocation Feature

    Prior to this release, item commitment only considered stock on- hand to fulfill demand. Now in 2019.2, you will be able to use a new Supply Allocation feature which expands inventory commitment to consider future inventory as well. This will allow much more advanced and intelligent planning for your inventory.

  7. Offline Time and Expenses Logging

    This feature is a big win for any companies whose employees enter time and expenses through the mobile apps. In 2019.2, the mobile apps will support logging both while offline, so that it can be done regardless of cell service or Wi-Fi access, or even during air travel. Once you re-connect to the internet, you can quickly submit and cross those tasks off your list!

  8. SuiteScript 2.1 and ES.Next Support

    SuiteScript 2.0 has been a huge advancement for NetSuite customization, and you can count on SuiteScript 2.1 to bring tons of new features as well. The biggest one is the support for the 2018 JavaScript standard, which brings with it tons of new functionality and accessible features within JavaScript, allowing for more efficient and quick coding. Keep in mind that SuiteScript 2.1 is in Beta for this release, so it shouldn’t be used in your production account without thorough testing.

  9. REST Web Services (Beta)

    Though it’s being introduced in Beta for 2019.2, this feature promises to make a big splash in the NetSuite integration world. No longer will Web Services integrations be limited to an older and more restricted protocol (SOAP), but can now take advantage of all of the benefits that come with the newer REST standard. Keep an eye on this one coming out of Beta soon and consider whether your integrations could use an upgrade.

  10. Antivirus Scanning in File Cabinet

    Previously an optional Beta feature, NetSuite is rolling this out as mandatory to all accounts in 2019.2. This will prevent a user from uploading any file that the system deems untrustworthy to prevent malicious activity in your NetSuite account. Unfortunately, the message the user will get if it’s rejected by the virus scan will just say “An unexpected error has occurred” – so if you get that message when uploading a file after 2019.2, it’s probably because of the new antivirus feature.

Read about all the new functionality in the 2019.2 Release Notes, accessible from the New Release Portal on your Dashboard or in SuiteAnswers. The release upgrade date for your account may be just around the corner, so make sure you’re doing thorough testing in your Release Preview account to prepare for any changes that might impact your business. By setting some time aside to review the information in the portal you’ll become familiar with what’s to come in the new release and will be better able to plan for a successful transition.

If you need more information or guidance to get ready for the new release, check out these helpful NetSuite resources:


Our large team of NetSuite ERP Consultants and SuiteCloud Developers are here to help you make the most of your implementation. If you have any questions about the upcoming new release or would like help preparing your organization for the transition, get in touch.

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