What is marketing automation consulting?

What is marketing automation consulting?

marketing automation consulting

Marketing automation consulting helps businesses efficiently adopt and continually optimize the full-breadth of marketing automation technology to accelerate return on investment on their content marketing investment. Both B2B and B2C companies across industries can benefit from marketing automation consulting services. For example:

  • Startups and SMBs new to content marketing can more rapidly begin producing and converting high quality leads with a well-tested quick-start launch
  • B2B businesses with a mature content marketing strategy can dramatically increase lead conversions with a well-tested implementation plan that integrates into the overall strategic marketing plan
  • B2C businesses can quickly increase repeat transactions, up-sells and abandoned cart recoveries by implementing highly personalized, behavior-based workflows

What is a marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks

Is Marketing Automation Consulting Useful For My Business?

According to the State Of B2B Marketing Automation Report, the most commonly cited challenges that companies experience with marketing automation include:

  • Resources
  • Skilled Experience
  • Data Management
  • Complexity
  • Integration

While these are cited as examples of challenges experienced while implementing marketing automation, they may influence the decision to adopt marketing automation in the first place.

For the many small to mid-sized businesses that lack resources and experience to handle the complexities of data management, integration and overall platform management a marketing automation consultant can be a very good fit.

So Why Are Agencies Not Delivering Marketing Automation To Their Clients?

Maybe you’re already working with a marketing agency and asking ‘why aren’t they delivering marketing automation to me?’

Marketing agencies, like SMBs, share many of the same concerns their clients do with integrating marketing automation technology into their offering.

With limited resources agencies are often best served focusing on what they do best whether blog content, video, branding, campaigns, search marketing and PPC.

As a result agencies are often left without an option for easily integrating marketing automation into their client’s campaigns.

This is why we created multiple services options that allow agencies to deliver marketing automation seamlessly to clients.

Marketing Automation Consulting For SMBs And Marketing Agencies

TFC has been designed to minimize the common roadblocks for both business executives and agency executives in adopting and benefiting from marketing automation technology.

We enjoy helping out clients rapidly reach ROI and grow their business.

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